Nanoder, Your Green Choice.

The fast development of industrial technology has come at a great cost to the earth’s natural environment. Environment protection is no longer a slogan or a minority’s business. Every modern citizen and enterprise should take the environment as a significant issue and contribute one’s share. Since its establishment, Nanoder has put environment protection in the first place and employed sustainable environmental practices all the time. During the manufacturing process, we try our best to reduce the environmental impact.We also keep improving our technology to meet environmental requirements. Sustainability is also one of our pursuits. By ditching the disposable and drinking clean filtered water, we can save millions of plastic bottles which  cause serious pollution to the environment because of its non-biodegradable characteristics. Nanoder is advocating a dynamic green lifestyle by providing  clean drinking water  that’s better for you and better for the environment.










Fresh Water, Fresh Life.

Nearly 60% of the human body is made of water, which means that next to oxygen, it’s the most important element needed for properly functioning our systems. From helping deliver nutrients to our brain and supporting our immune system, to keeping our skin clear and glowing – water is the key to helping our body be the best it can be, from the inside out. To feel healthy and fit we have to stay hydrated every day. The fact is that many people today prefer to drink bottled drinks to hydrate the body for their convenient access and tasty flavor. However, drinking too much of the high sugar beverage is harmful to our health. While tap water’s safety is questioned,  it’s necessary for us to purify our water  at home. Nanoder is committed to helping you enjoy refresh clean water with its innovative filter products. It’s time for you to change your choices and live a healthier life by drinking clean filtered water.














Purify Your Tap Water As You Want.

Drinking water safety is one of the first priorities among various global issues in our age because of water pollution, low security rate of water supply and water-related native diseases. The quality of U.S. and Canadian tap water is generally quite good, but chlorine is often added as a disinfectant by certain municipalities, and lead can leach out of household plumbing. In order to ensure the safety of your drinking water, Nanoder water filtration systems reduce the common impurities such as Chlorine (taste and odor),Copper, Cadmium, Mercury (health contaminants), Zinc (metallic taste), Lead, TTHM, VOCs, and can even remove 95% of pharmaceuticals including Acetaminophen, Carbamazepine, Estradiol, Naproxen and Progesterone. Nanoder has standard enterprise management and strict  quality supervision system. The raw materials of Nanoder  products are all selected carefully and tested repeatedly  in the laboratory for the safety sake.