Drinking Water Purification System
Reverse osmosis (RO) is a separation process that pressurizes and passes impure water through a semi-permeable membrane and removes many of the impurities. Reverse osmosis filters have a pore size around 0.0001 Micron. Our reverse osmosis water treatment typically removes all organic molecules and viruses, and most minerals that are present in the water. Ideally suitable for underground water to remove high dissolved solids from your tap water and make it suitable for drinking. Our drinking water purification system is certified to meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for the removal of dissolved metals, nitrates, chlorine and mineral salts and other undesirable substances from your drinking water. A Nanoder drinking water filtration system provides you with pure water which is less costly than buying bottled water. And you will enjoy the benefits of it every day.

Hard Water Treatment System

Hard water contains two main elements: calcium and magnesium, which may not be very harmful to human health.Yet over time, hard water will make your clothes dingy, and your hair lackluster.Nanoder provides hard water treatment for your home by removing them from your tap water. Once you get a Nanoder water softener, it will certainly remove lime scale deposits that built up on your heaters, kettles, washing machines, dishwashers, and your water using appliances will enjoy a longer life expectancy. Also you will need lessdetergent, soaps for household cleaning, which certainly will save your water and money. Soft water is also cosmetic for skin and hair and makes you look and feel good.


Ultra Filtration Technology
An ultra filtration filter has a pore size around 0.01 Micron and five stages of filtration. It will remove viruses, bacteria and suspended solids in the water while allowing most irons and small organics, such as glucose, to permeate the structure.Because of the larger pore size in the membrane, UF requires a much lower operating pressure.Our ultra filtration has Korean-style for fast interpolation which is convenient for changing filter. We have two kinds of ultra filter for your choice, the one is installed under sink and the other is hanging on the wall.




EDI Water Treatment Technology
Electrodeionization is a  water treatment technology that utilizes an electrode to ionize water moleculesand separate dissolved ions (impurities) from water. It differs from other water purification technologies in that it is done without the use of chemical treatments and is usually a tertiary treatment to reverse osmosis (RO). There are also EDI units that use a small bed with ion-exchange resin to enhance the deionization further, this is often referred to as Continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) since the electric current regenerates the resin mass continuously. CEDI technique can achieve very high purity, with conductivity being below 0.1uS/cm.