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Water Softening Systems




Tooth brushing

Washing face  

Taking bath

Doing the laundry 



water softening system (NS-1000)

Essential parameter:


Dimension (W*D*H):330*470*660(mm)

Packing Size(W*D*H):376*520*750(mm)

Container Capacity:206ctns/411cnts/411ctns




water softening system (NS-2000)

Essential parameter:


Dimension (W*D*H):330*470*1100(mm)

Packing Size(W*D*H):376*520*1180(mm)

Container Capacity:170ctns/350cnts/350ctns






water softening system (NS-2000)

Essential parameter:
Pressure of work:0.15-0.5MPa
The power standard:220V/110V50Hz
Capacity of resin:12.5L/25L







NANODER Softening System 

Purified Water for the Protection of Your Skin and Laundry.     


Nanoder’s goal is to give you and your family the best water possible and enhance your  quality of life in a green way, that means safeguarding the environment of this planet.          




Our water softening system is designed to treat hard water for your home.

The softeners are designed to remove calcium, magnesium, sediment and iron from the water.

You and your family can enjoy the benefits of soft water once the hard water-producing elements are eliminating from your tap water. 




Nanoder softening system is good at: 

•  Effectively removing heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium         

•  Removing chemical pollutants such as pesticide, fertilizer, insectcide  

•  Removing thermonatrite, softening the water quality                             

•  Preventing the forming of limescale and the block of the water pipes

•  Automatic control and maintenance.